****Note that the number closest to you is not necessarily in your own area code. It is your responsibility to ensure that the number you are dialing is a local call for you, or be prepared to pay telephone company toll charges. We recommend either looking in your telephone book, calling the local telephone operator, or calling your local telephone company business office to find a local number.

213-227-FREE -- Los Angeles (DA01), CA
310-949-FREE -- Avalon, CA
323-390-FREE -- Los Angeles (DA11), CA
323-623-FREE -- Los Angeles (DA14), CA
323-624-FREE -- Montebello, CA
323-625-FREE -- Los Angeles (DA06), CA
562-369-FREE -- Long Beach, CA
619-364-FREE -- San Diego, CA
619-747-FREE -- Jacumba, CA
619-774-FREE -- Dulzura, CA
619-868-FREE -- Campo, CA
626-368-FREE -- San Gabriel Canyon (Azusa area)
626-370-FREE -- Pasadena, CA
661-620-FREE -- Canyon Country, CA
714-629-FREE -- Santa Ana, CA
760-551-FREE -- Ramona, CA
760-661-FREE -- San Marcos, CA
760-785-FREE -- Brawley, CA
805-274-FREE -- Ventura, CA
805-851-FREE -- Fillmore, CA
818-685-FREE -- Van Nuys, CA
858-233-FREE -- La Jolla, CA
858-234-FREE -- San Diego (Rancho Bernardo), CA
858-236-FREE -- Poway, CA
858-237-FREE -- San Diego (Mira Mesa), CA
858-297-FREE -- Del Mar, CA
858-364-FREE -- San Diego (Rancho Peñasquitos), CA
909-661-FREE -- Ontario, CA
949-963-FREE -- Saddleback Valley, CA